[announce] IMP 3.1 (final)

Brent J. Nordquist bjn@horde.org
Tue, 11 Jun 2002 08:16:33 -0500 (CDT)

The Horde team announces the latest official release of the IMP webmail
application.  Features that have been added since 3.0 include a new
address book interface popup during compose, sorting by threads,
improved/expanded preference options and config files, folder navigator
support for other folder hierarchies, and many bug fixes.

IMP 3.1 should be considered a production-level release.  The code has
undergone a strict testing cycle in the form of a number of public release

The IMP 3.1 release can be downloaded from the following locations:


Note that IMP 3.1 requires the Horde Application Framework 2.x, which can
be obtained from:


MD5 checksums:

MD5 (horde-2.1.tar.gz) = 2e66863e4b5ebabd1a3dae63d2b2cb53
MD5 (imp-3.1.tar.gz) = 73ff42a32e3ee3617fd411be356cb70f
MD5 (patch-horde-2.0-2.1.gz) = e554d0749007b1b630a186e43402776a
MD5 (patch-imp-3.0-3.1.gz) = a7c9330ab1df2cd727c4aeb858138821

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