[announce] New Demo site available ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy@hub.org
Sat Sep 7 18:18:50 PDT 2002

Morning all ...

	In order for our clients to see what is currently available in
Horde, we've setup a demo site for them to go through the various modules
that we feel are applicable to our services ... both administrative and
user access is provided to the demo, to show both perspectives.

	The site is based off of CVS, and we intend on keeping it
reasonably up to date, but there will be errors, as it is the development
tree ... this site is meant to show what is *currently* available, and/or
forthcoming ...

	I've offered it up to Chuck as a means to show a more complete
view of Horde, and he suggested I email here to let everyone know that it
is available.

	Just go to:


	And appropriate instructions to connect are there ...

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