[announce] Horde 3.0 (final)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Dec 23 04:01:25 PST 2004

After three years of work, the Horde Team is very excited to announce the
final release of the Horde Application Framework Version 3.0.

The Horde Application Framework is a modular, general-purpose web application
framework written in PHP.  It provides an extensive array of classes that are
targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in developing modern web

Horde Version 3 differs from the 2.x releases in many ways, including the
    * Full support for groups and arbitrary permissions.
    * Completely rewritten, fully RFC-compliant MIME system with many
      new MIME viewers.
    * Many i18n improvements, including full charset support for the whole
    * User customizable portal page.
    * Theme support.
    * Global personal categories and category colors.
    * Access (shortcut) keys.
    * Dynamically updating tree menu for applications, including Mozilla
      sidebar support.
    * XML-based application configuration through a graphical user interface.
    * Forms creation and validation API.
    * Template engine.
    * Crypt API with support for PGP/GPG and S/MIME.
    * XML-RPC and SOAP server and client, experimental SyncML support.
    * Improved notification system.
    * Many new APIs like Compress, Image, PDF, History, iCalendar, SyncML,
      CLI, Version control, NLS, Timer, and SVG.
    * and many more...

The Horde 3.0 distribution is available from the following locations:


Or, for quicker access, download from your nearest mirror:


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:

    afe2a76062169cf5cd2cc5a3001fcc6a  horde-3.0.tar.gz

Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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