[announce] Horde 3.2-ALPHA

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Aug 2 22:37:41 UTC 2007

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the first alpha release of the Horde
Application Framework version 3.2.

The Horde Application Framework is a modular, general-purpose web application
framework written in PHP.  It provides an extensive array of classes that are
targeted at the common problems and tasks involved in developing modern web

This is a preview version that should not be used on production systems.  This
version is considered feature complete but there might still be a few bugs.
You should not use this preview version over existing production data.

We encourage widespread testing and feedback via the mailing lists or our bug
tracking system.  Updated translations are very welcome, though some strings
might still change before the final release.

Horde version 3.2 is a major upgrade in the 3.x release series, including these
    * A new Alarm system that can send email alarms, generate popup or inline
      notifications, and play sounds for events in any Horde application.
    * Support for separate read and write databases, and improved useability
      when the database is unavailable.
    * Improved performance, through caching of shares, groups, and permissions;
      faster DataTree queries, and smarter use of session data.
    * The administrator can disable users' ability to change permissions on
      their Shares.
    * Two slick new themes, Tango Blue and Silver Surfer.
    * WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines compliance.
    * Full Kolab webclient support.
    * Improved JavaScript code including more caching, JSON support, new
      spell checking and color picking widgets, replacing htmlarea with xinha,
      and dynamic portal updates.
    * Help is now searchable and has a tree view for easy organization and
      exploration of help topics.
    * Wider memcache support and easier memcache configuration, including
      connection pooling and multiple memcache servers.
    * A more complete WebDAV server.
    * "Drop-in" configuration support for applications through
    * Many additional hooks, for performing actions on preference value
      changes, and after loading an application.
    * and much, much more.

The full list of changes (from version 3.1.4) can be viewed here:


The Horde 3.2-ALPHA distribution is available from the following locations:


Patches against version 3.1.4 are available at:


Or, for quicker access, download from your nearest mirror:


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:

    1de0cdbf07c990db1eafb4c19b9a2ae6  horde-3.2-alpha.tar.gz
    676510bc1eee6c49f83b5234af2f37b5  patch-horde-3.1.4-3.2-alpha.gz

Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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