[announce] Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.1 (final)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Sun May 25 23:17:25 UTC 2008

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Horde Groupware
Webmail Edition version 1.1.

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is a free, enterprise ready, browser based
communication suite. Users can read, send and organize email messages with
three different webmail interfaces and manage and share calendars, contacts,
tasks and notes with the standards compliant components from the Horde

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition version 1.1 is a major upgrade in the 1.x
release series, including these enhancements:
    * Added dynamix AJAX webmail client and webmail client for mobile devices.
    * Stable synchronization support through integrated SyncML server.
    * A new Alarm system that can send email alarms, generate popup or inline
      notifications, and play sounds for events in any Horde application.
    * Support for separate read and write databases, and improved useability
      when the database is unavailable.
    * Improved performance, through caching of shares, groups, and permissions;
      faster DataTree queries, and smarter use of session data.
    * Two slick new themes, Tango Blue and Silver Surfer.
    * WCAG 1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines compliance.
    * Help is now searchable and has a tree view for easy organization and
      exploration of help topics.
    * Wider memcache support and easier memcache configuration, including
      connection pooling and multiple memcache servers.
    * Message and mailbox caching on the server side, resulting in much
      increased performance and much less web server and IMAP server load.
    * Javascript auto-complete contact list searching.
    * Add protection against CSRF attacks.
    * Improve WYSIWYG editors to support more browsers and offer more choices.
    * Server configuration to limit maximum number of recipients per message
      and maximum number of sent messages over a certain period of time.
    * Additional maintenance tasks to clean old messages from mailboxes.
    * Sorting is now saved per mailbox rather than across all mailboxes.
    * Add support for symmetric PGP encryption.
    * Preference added to dictate default cursor location in compose textarea.
    * Preference added to only verify PGP & S/MIME signed messages on
      user request.
    * Forward messages as RFC 822 parts by default; provide more options for
      forwarding messages; and be smarter about what part to use as body
      text depending on current editor (text vs. html).
    * Add server configuration to limit the maximum size of MIME message
      data that can be displayed inline.
    * Use tidy extension (if available) to clean up display of HTML messages
      and clean up HTML composed messages.
    * Add RSS/Atom feed for mailboxes.
    * Add support for sending e-mails with Internationalized Domain Names
    * Fetch public PGP keys from keyserver if not available in address book.
    * Add configuration for folders that may not be modified.
    * Contact lists can be sorted by multiple columns.
    * Users can save their searches as Virtual Address Books.
    * Improved default address book schema.
    * Support for importing and exporting LDIF files.
    * Support for address books based on favourite email recipients.
    * Support for address books based on Horde Group membership.
    * Timed vacation messages (I will be away from X to Y).
    * Major improvements to the procmail filter driver, including negative
      matches, body tests, loop prevention in vacation messages, full
      character set support,
    * Maildrop filter driver improvements, including vacation support and full
      character set support in the maildrop driver.
    * Sieve filter driver improvements, including numeric spam score tests,
      sivtest support, and quota checks before uploading sieve rules.
    * Filter rules can be stored in a SQL database.
    * Administrators can change other user's filter rules.
    * WebDAV support for external calendar clients.
    * Improved iCalendar and vCalendar support, including support for
      alarms, timezones, better integration with remote calendars, and
      better support for remote clients.
    * Improved event recurrence, including events that recur a specific
      number of times, recurrence by day of the year and by weekday of the
      year, the choice of editing or deleting a recurring event as either
      the full series or an individual exception, and the ability to remove
      recurrence exceptions.
    * Users can get a daily agenda email.
    * Holidays can be displayed.
    * Event delegation - users can have permissions to create events on behalf
      of other users.
    * Events and tasks can be marked private.
    * More dynamic calendar interface, including dynamic page refreshes to
      update the main calendar view when switching between dates or
      month/day/week/ work week/year views, a collapsible panel that provides
      quick access to all calendars and allows searching of calendars, a
      dynamic event edit interface that puts less commonly used options out of
      site by default, quick switching between the view, edit, and delete
      interfaces, and autocompletion of attendees from the user's address
    * Support for sub-tasks and tasks with delayed start dates.
    * Dynamic inline searching of the task and note lists, with the option for
      an advanced search that includes additional options.
    * Support for saving notes as PDF files.
    * Support for encrypted notes.

The Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.1 distribution is available from the following locations:


Or, for quicker access, download from your nearest mirror:


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:

    b3867e3fc5113de0331275a15520a28c  horde-webmail-1.1.tar.gz

Have fun!

The Horde Team.

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