[bugs] [Bug 1052] Changed - multilingual support in IMP is broken/misdesigned

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  one is paying any of us to do it and there are other things taking out time.
  Eventually someone will probably scrape out the time, but the single biggest
  thing you could do to help would be to start writing patches.
+ ------- Additional Comments From jshin@jtan.com  09/11/02 16:47 -------
+ Thank you for your response.
+ As for the second point, I'm more than willing to help, but my PHP fluency
+ level is pretty low and it may take a while for me to begin to contribute
+ something meaningful. 
+ As for the first point, I'm afraid I have to disagree. I'm not sure how long
+ Horde project has been going on, but at least most GUI-based browsers
+ (Netscape 4.x/MS IE 5.x/MS IE 4.x.)
+ have supported UTF-8 (although not perfectly) for a few years. I'm not
+ at a position to blame you for anything and I would never.
+ However,  for me it looks like
+ it was a bad design decision at the beginning of the project not
+ to use Unicode internally. This  may 
+ require a major rewrite to implement what I wrote in my bug report
+ (I hope that's not the case)
+ Whether browser support of UTF-8 was in place or not, I
+ think internally processing all the data in Unicode is a good idea
+ for programs like IMP. The way data is processed/represented
+ internally can be independent of the way data is exposed
+ to the outside world. IMP/horde can do some browser-detection
+ and send out data in different encodings depending on
+ the capability of a browser being used AND/OR user preference.  
+ I realize that PHP may not have had the necessary bells and whistles
+ for dealing with Unicode and various encodings/MIME charsets
+ when Horde/IMP project began. Anyway, I'm glad that you're
+ aware of shortcomings of Horde/IMP in I18N. Although I can't
+ help you right away, I'll try to squeeze some time out
+ to make Horde/IMP much better in I18N.