[bugs] [Bug 1052] Changed - multilingual support in IMP is broken/misdesigned

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Sat, 14 Sep 2002 02:16:02 -0300


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  was in way over my head. where we've come from there is pretty remarkable, but
  we certainly still have a ways to go. Any help that you can eventually offer
  would be great!)
+ ------- Additional Comments From jshin@jtan.com  09/14/02 02:16 -------
+ > Not to keep making excuses, but there was pretty much _zero_ support 
+ > for unicode in PHP when we started out.
+  I agree with you that PHP I18N support was almost nill a few years back
+ (everything was assumed to be ISO-8859-1). Even now, its I18N support
+ has a lot to be desired compared with Perl/Python/Java. Last few days,
+ I've been 'fighting' to install php-4.2.3 along with necessary modules
+ on my old machine. php-iconv module necessary for encoding conversion
+ gave me a lot of headache, but finally I succeeded in 'taming' it :-).
+ php-iconv module doesn't give me everything I need, but still it's
+ pretty useful. I made some changes to horde/IMP to make use of it
+ (the change was made earlier, but trouble with installing php and php-iconv
+ delayed me from testing them) and it seems pretty promising. 
+ I'll get back to you when I have  a more complete patch. 
+ However, please don't hold your breath. It may take long because
+ I'm learning PHP along the way.