[bugs] [Bug 1072] Changed - Deleting messages from Inbox screen on POP3 server does not refresh inbox correctly

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Fri Oct 11 20:44:03 PDT 2002


*** shadow/1072	Fri Oct 11 16:36:18 2002
--- shadow/1072.tmp.30755	Fri Oct 11 16:44:03 2002
*** 45,47 ****
--- 45,54 ----
  If that's the case, then something else is going wrong; _why_ doesn't it work
  unless you hardcode the session id in the url? what's wrong with the cookie? do
  cookies fail in other situations? are they in use at all?
+ ------- Additional Comments From ken@ineffable.com  10/11/02 16:44 -------
+ I've tried this with multiple 4.x clients including multiple 4.7x clients and
+ 4.8.  In every case cookies are enabled and the site works fine except in this
+ instance in which case a redirection is requested.  I can't explain it but
+ Netscape doesn't seem to do quite the right thing.  See the URL for the Debian
+ bug report above for details of the error.

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