[bugs] [Bug 1115] Changed - POP3 INBOX always empty?

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Fri Dec 13 07:53:44 PST 2002


*** shadow/1115	Fri Dec 13 06:24:57 2002
--- shadow/1115.tmp.21445	Fri Dec 13 07:53:44 2002
*** 65,67 ****
--- 65,92 ----
  If you're willing to do some investigation before filing a bug report, or at
  least after being told to do so, you'll see that there is a lot of support and a
  huge supporting community for IMP.
+ ------- Additional Comments From imp@wizonet.ch  12/13/02 07:53 -------
+ Certainly I first have search for this Problem in the mailing list. But there ? 
+ have found only one message with the same problem from "Choijn" Date 2002-06-16 
+ 15:10:52 Subject [imp] IMP 3.1-FINAL: INBOX always empty.
+ The problem described by Choijn ist exactly the same. But there ist only one 
+ solution in this thread - and there are definitively no "deleted" files in my 
+ INBOX. Other webmail program's like "mailreader" works well.
+ Then I have sent the Problem to the Mailinglist via the gmane news gateway. I 
+ have recevied the check mail for first post and have answered it. After that an 
+ new reply has said, that my post will inserted in a few minutes. 2 Hours later -
+  nothing - I have sent then my post 3 times with a waittime of 1 hour each - no 
+ post was displayed on the mailinglist.
+ The I have search for this problem via google - only the mailinglist post above 
+ where found...
+ Then I have serched for a good documentation how to use IMP - not how to 
+ install it - none found. Also in the faq are no solutions. 
+ Sorry, I dont't want to spent more time in this product. Evertything works, but 
+ the INBOX is allway's empty - I can sent new mails with IMP, no problem - but I 
+ like to see the mails where are in my mailbox...  

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