[bugs] [Bug 1157] New - E-mails completely lost when session expires.

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Fri Jan 24 00:32:04 PST 2003


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+ Bug#: 1157
+ Product: Horde
+ Version: 2.2 Stable
+ Platform: Mozilla 5.x
+ OS/Version: All
+ Status: NEW   
+ Resolution: 
+ Severity: major
+ Priority: P1
+ Component: IMP
+ Area: BUILD
+ AssignedTo: chuck at horde.org                            
+ ReportedBy: andrew at majiclab.com               
+ URL: http://webmail.majiclab.com
+ Summary: E-mails completely lost when session expires.
+ First of all, I want to say I don't even know what version of Horde my server is
+ using.  My provider tells me it is 3.1 but I do not see that in the list of
+ options above.  You can contact him if you wish more details on the version, but
+ you can also check out my login page: http://webmail.majiclab.com.
+ When composing any e-mail (reply/new/forwards), sometimes the session will time
+ out before the message is actually sent.  I don't know if you guys are trying to
+ do something to continue the session while composing it?  (Having some frame
+ somewhere doing a refresh just to keep it alive?)  But even if there is some
+ attempt to keep the session alive, I still believe that it might happen once in
+ a while that the session expires.  The fact is this can be very annoying as you
+ can lose the entire e-mail that you spent so long to write.  The thing I've
+ noticed is that when you send the message, the composition pop-up window closes,
+ which to me signifies that you have used JavaScript to close that window. 
+ Therefore, the server still processed that submition.  I believe that the
+ message should at least be saved as a draft or something.  It would be fairly
+ simple, if you have to, to save some hidden fields in the compose window so that
+ if the session expires, you can check those hidden fields for anything you might
+ need.
+ I know a lot of PHP and I like it a lot and I am more than willing to help out
+ in anyway I can...  I use Horde a lot and I would love contributing to it in
+ anyway I can.
+ Thank you very much,
+ -Andrew Hanna

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