[bugs] [Bug 1052] Changed - multilingual support in IMP is broken/misdesigned

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Wed Feb 12 08:50:33 PST 2003


*** shadow/1052	Mon Feb 10 23:35:37 2003
--- shadow/1052.tmp.8195	Wed Feb 12 08:50:32 2003
*** 9,15 ****
  Priority: P2
  Component: IMP
  Area: BUILD
! AssignedTo: jan at horde.org                            
  ReportedBy: jshin at jtan.com               
  Summary: multilingual support in IMP is  broken/misdesigned
--- 9,15 ----
  Priority: P2
  Component: IMP
  Area: BUILD
! AssignedTo: slusarz at bigworm.colorado.edu                            
  ReportedBy: jshin at jtan.com               
  Summary: multilingual support in IMP is  broken/misdesigned
*** 292,294 ****
--- 292,339 ----
  ------- Additional Comments From chuck at horde.org  02/10/03 23:35 -------
  Jan, can you take a look at this to see if it does anything that we currently
  don't handle?
+ ------- Additional Comments From jan at horde.org  02/12/03 08:50 -------
+ First of all, many thanks for you efforts in improving IMP's i18n support. 
+ Unfortunately your patch won't go into CVS for several reasons:
+ - The current releases are Horde 2.2.1 and IMP 3.2-RC2, a lot has changed since
+ 2.1/3.1, so your patch won't apply.
+ - We only accept patches against CVS checkouts, such huge changes like yours
+ only against the HEAD branch.
+ - This is the good news: Most of what you did in your patch (and more) has been
+ applied to the current development version during the last two months.
+ Now to the details:
+ What we currently don't have are the assumed_charset and compose_charset
+ preferences. If I understand your patch correctly, the assumed charset will be
+ used on messages that don't have a charset header. This might be interesting to
+ Michael, our MIME guru. ;-) That's why I assigned this bug to him.
+ I plan to add a compose charset preference or even allow setting of the outgoing
+ message's charset in the compose screen. But I have a problem that you seem to
+ have addressed though you didn't include the solution into your patch: the
+ charset list. I already asked this to the imp mailing list but unfortunately
+ noone replied. How do you build the list of possible charsets? Do you have such
+ a list somewhere? Do you use the available charsets fro nls.php (lang.php in
+ your Horde version)? Or should we even allow the users to enter freely a charset
+ in an input field (I don't think so)?
+ Currently we send all email out with the UTF-8 charset, if the admin enable UTF
+ support at all.
+ What we have in the current code that goes beyond what you did, might be
+ interesting for you also:
+ - We're using the iconv _and_ the mbstring extension for charset conversion,
+ giving us much more succeeding conversion attempts.
+ - We also added multibyte support so that admins don't have to use mbstring's
+ function overloads.
+ - We added a bunch of string functions that are multibyte safe (opposed to their
+ PHP equivalents) and others that are locale _in_dependant (opposed to their PHP
+ equivalents).
+ - We also support charset conversion between the various storage backends we use
+ in Horde and its applications and the UI.
+ I hope that made you curious to try out the latest and greatest version of Horde
+ and IMP.

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