[bugs] [Bug 1190] Changed - Feature Request: Force new uses to update their personal profile.

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Sun Mar 2 06:33:51 PST 2003


*** shadow/1190	Sat Mar  1 13:53:49 2003
--- shadow/1190.tmp.1587	Sun Mar  2 06:33:51 2003
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  Either use a dynamic value for the 'maildomain' setting in servers.php or use
  the 'vinfo' hook to set the users' correct email addresses.
+ ------- Additional Comments From matt at hyne.com  03/02/03 06:33 -------
+ There are reasons we do not want to do this.
+ 1. We do not want to publicise to ALL users what domains are being hosted - this
+ is a commerical in confidence issue.  Further, this would only serve to confuse
+ our users.  It is hard enough to explain to them how to change their profile.
+ 2. We do not want to have to configure each user in IMP (ie using vhost).  IMP
+ needs to be transparent to the addition/removal of users.
+ What we want to do is provide IMP as a management free way for users to check
+ their email - ie where there is no need for us to change each user manually. 
+ All we want the user to do is put in their username and password.
+ If the user logs in for the first time - they are asked for their name, email
+ address etc, and then this is stored in the database and they wont bother the
+ helpdesk again.
+ You have no idea how many calls we get from users who cannot work out how to
+ change their identity.  FYI - The two most frequent helpdesk calls we get (about
+ IMP) are - 'what do it put in the identity name field' and 'why dont I have a
+ sent-mail' folder.
+ We hope you can put this feature on a wish-list.
+ Matt

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