[bugs] [Bug 1273] Changed - Need for minor fixes for $_prefs etc..

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Wed Jun 4 14:01:04 PDT 2003


*** shadow/1273	Tue Jun  3 23:32:27 2003
--- shadow/1273.tmp.29443	Wed Jun  4 18:01:04 2003
*** 54,56 ****
--- 54,70 ----
  ------- Additional Comments From chuck at horde.org  06/03/03 23:32 -------
  Also, why are you getting rid of object calls and accessing a hash directly?
+ ------- Additional Comments From will at droste-usa.com  06/04/03 18:01 -------
+ Sorry don't know the framework that well, just got the $_prefs from 
+ config/config.php couldn't find the function calls otherwise I would have used 
+ them I just used the $_prefs because thats the only fix I knew... at the 
+ moment..
+ I got the release versions of horde/imp/nag and installed them at work they 
+ work great so I decided to live life on the edge and get the lastest at home 
+ and see if I could get them to work there but I ran into these problems and 
+ tried to fix them on my own.  Could you point me to some docs or that would be 
+ a good starting point I would like to help without causing more work for you 
+ guys.

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