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-Ticket 82
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Install script to install horde and modules

Comment by horde at systemsteam.com on Sat Apr 24 08:13:44 2004 (today):
The picture I have is the following:

Let's start as a new user (new installation)

1. You download a kind of small script and run it on your server.
2. The script will download an initial install module and install it so you
get a kind of install/admin page via web.
3. When browsing to that page you can select the modules you want and click
an "install/update" button
4. All requirements are checked, and the user is presented with a list of
things to be done before install
5. The user can check all items he wishes to "fixed" with a checkbox and
click an "install/update" button
6. The install module will take care of all these things like changing the
php.ini, load pear modules, etc ...
7. Then the modules will automatically downloaded and installed with default
parameters (some of those can be entered in the install script)
8. After the install module has finished, Horde, Imp and all other selected
modules should be working in an initial way.
9. Then the existing setup module can take over

And now ... if there is an existing installation

1. Click an "update" button
2. User will be presented with a list of things that can be updated
3. User checks the wanted checkboxes and click an "Update" button.
4. Everything will be updated automatically.

In both cases service restarts should be performed automatically when asked
to do that.

As an example of the way it could work, have a look at the way Webmin does
this. (www.webmin.com)

If I find someone who will do the programming, I will provide the specs and


P.S. As a kind of goodwill I'm willing to pay a part up in front.




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