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 Ticket     | 82
 Updated By | barjunk at attglobal.net
 Summary    | Install script to install horde and modules
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 Priority   | 2. Medium
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barjunk at attglobal.net (2004-10-10 11:27) wrote:

go-horde.php script

Attached to this page is the go-horde script. It is an ALPHA level php
script that installs Horde using the MySQL database backend.
This script must be run as the root user. It has only been tested on Fedora
Core 3 test 1. It uses the Horde provided defaults and it is suggested that
you change the horde database password after it is installed. There are many
limitations, so please read through the script before executing it. By
default it will install: Framework, Horde, Turba, Imp, Nag, Kronolith,
Mnemo, Wicked. Here are the steps:

- download the go-horde.php script
- ensure the Apache and MySQL servers are running
- Run the script like this: php go-horde.php
- Answer the questions regarding where to put it,etc.
- Run the install-packages.php script: php framework/install-packages.php
- Ensure you have the required items, go to

    This will show what pieces are still missing from php, pear or whatever.
www.example.com isn't a real address, use your ip address here. Use: pear
install <module> to install any missing pear modules.

- After loading all the missing modules (you may need to restart your Apache
server) go to http://www.example.com/horde/
- Choose the Configuration from the menu on the left and configure the
modules that you are installing.

    Hint: Selecting a module to configure then pressing Generate will create
a working default install

- After things are configured the way you would like, run the bash script
set_perms.sh to tighten security for the site

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