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Tue Nov 9 07:49:48 PST 2004


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 Ticket     | 788
 Updated By | ehymel at e-medico.com
 Summary    | Preference for date format not saved
 Queue      | IMP
 Version    | HEAD
 State      | Feedback
 Priority   | 1. Low
 Type       | Bug
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ehymel at e-medico.com (2004-11-09 07:49) wrote:

Thanks for the reply and for all your hard work on this excellent product.

Actually, this *is* the only preference that does not get saved between
sessions. I have many preferenced saved and I just confirmed (by selecting
several other prefs at random) that others are successfully saved. My
Preference System in Horde config is set to "SQL Database" using Driver
configuration of "Horde defaults" using default table. I looked in my MySQL
database and see many preferences saved in the horde_prefs table.

More info: if I manually edit the imp date_format entry in horde_prefs
table, all works well between sessions (of course). Changing a pref on from
the imp prefs does not update the db entry. My (obvious) conclusion is that
"saving" this pref is not getting written to database for some reason.

Not sure if it helps, but the string that was listed in the db before I
manually changed it was "%A %B %d, %Y", which is not one of the options in
the drop-down list on the prefs page.

For completeness, all prefs.dist files are up to date
(horde/config/prefs.dist v 1.76, horde/imp/config/prefs.dist v 1.213) and
are routinely kept up to date with each cvs update.

E. Hymel

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