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Wed Nov 24 05:01:27 PST 2004


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=884
 Ticket     | 884
 Created By | m.zdila at episoftware.com
 Summary    | browser compatibility
 Queue      | Horde Base
 Version    | HEAD
 State      | Unconfirmed
 Priority   | 2. Medium
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | 

m.zdila at episoftware.com (2004-11-24 05:01) wrote:

1. I've tested horde framework a bit in different browsers. Here are my
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 - almost OK - see bug 809
Opera 7.52 - selecting "Horde" menu item, the menu items in the top menubar
are messed - see screenshot. In other apps it has worked
Konqueror 3.x - in the left tree menu under "Mail" there are no folders
displayed. Selecting "Mail" menuitem causes right frame to be forever
loading ... see screenshot
MSIE 5.0 - unusable - see screenshot, javascript errors
MSIE 6.0,  MSIE 5.5
- see ugly horizontal spaces in the left tree menu
- image loading is too slow when I open / close tree branch or load a page.
In the status bar you can see (123 items remaining) and the number is
decrementing. It tooks about 20 seconds, although all the visible images are
loaded sooner (in 5 seconds - also too slow ). This bug is caused because of
buggy MSIE, but there is a workaround by precaching images and to display
them after they are completly loaded, something like:
var img = new Image();
img.onload = function () { document.getElementById('someimage').src =
img.src; ... }
img.src = "...";

... or I can attach here a Javascript if someone will ask me to.

I've been working on one project using a big dynamic (using hidden frames)
javascript tree, and I ve managed to get it work on >= MSIE 5.0, Mozilla,
Opera and Konqueror. Yeah, I know, MSIE sucks! But there are many users
using even MSIE 5.0 :-(

2. Do you occasionaly validate generated pages against W3C standards? I
tried it recently and there are some errors.

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