[Tickets #1153] NEW: Can't update attendee status via iTip

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Thu Jan 13 14:17:59 PST 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=1153
 Ticket     | 1153
 Created By | aaron at thatone.com
 Summary    | Can't update attendee status via iTip
 Queue      | Kronolith
 Version    | 2.0.1
 State      | Unconfirmed
 Priority   | 1. Low
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | 

aaron at thatone.com (2005-01-13 14:17) wrote:

I'm using MySQL as the backend for kronolith storage.

I add an attendee to a meeting, and then click "Save Event" while leaving
the "Send Updates..." box checked. The meeting invite is sent out properly
to the attendee, as an attached .ics file. The attendee then checks their
e-mail in Horde/IMP, and uses Horde to accept the meeting invitation. Horde
automatically sends me an e-mail saying "Accepted: (Meeting title)". When I
view this, I can click on "event-reply.ics" under the "Alternative parts for
this section" box, and Horde pops up a window allowing me to update the
respondent's status. However, clicking "OK" to do so, causes an error
message to the effect of "Event not found".

It looks like the cause of the problem is that the .ics file which gets sent
out to the attendees in the beginning doesn't have the UID for the event
filled in. There is a "UID:" field, but it's blank. As a result, the
confirmation they send back also lacks a UID, so Horde can't tell which
event they're responding to.

The problem seems to be in kronolith/addeventaction.php . If I'm reading the
code properly, on line 25 ( $result = $event->save(); ), the event is loaded
into the database. It's at this point that its UID is generated. However,
the save() function only returns the event's ID (the value in column
"event_id" of the database), not its UID (the value in column "event_uid" of
the database), so $event still has no value for $event->_uid when
Kronolith::sendITipNotifications() is called on line 37.

When I wrote a cheap hack on my local system which directly queries MySQL to
find out the UID, and then sets it using $event->setUID(), then I was able
to click on "event-ics" in a meeting confirmation and successfully update
the attendee's status. However, I don't know enough about the Horde
framework to write a proper fix.

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