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Tue Jan 25 19:58:02 PST 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=1250
 Ticket     | 1250
 Created By | paint at pixie-lated-paints.com
 Summary    | Deletion of mail folders
 Queue      | IMP
 Version    | 4.0.1
 State      | Unconfirmed
 Priority   | 3. High
 Type       | Bug
 Owners     | 

paint at pixie-lated-paints.com (2005-01-25 19:58) wrote:

Yesterday, 1-25-05, the mail was fine, everything was working, and
everything was there. Today 1-26-05,  when I logged in, everything was
changed, and my personal folders, which had a lot of important information
in them are gone! It looks like the mail has been updated with a new look,
which is great! But, I wouldn't think that would include deleting a person's
folders. The only thing left is my address book. I have been in contact with
my server, and I have been told that they have no control over your updates.
I guess that would mean that you are responsible for the deletion of my
folders. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a human error. I would like to
know however, if you will be able to retrieve the data, and replace it back
to where it belongs? There is one other problem, the mail isn't working.
There is no incoming mail getting through. I have tried several times to
send mail to this address from another account, but nothing ever arroives in
my Inbox. I do get the autoresponder, so that's one thing that's working!
This e-mail is used for a small business, and I may have several e-mails in
my box without knowing it. I have no idea what has happened since yesterday,
but something has really gotten messed up. A quick response would be
appreciated. Since I'm not getting any incoming mail at that address, you
can contact me at: sharon-c at centurytel.net Thank you!

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