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 Ticket     | 1163
 Updated By | jigermano at uolsinectis.com.ar
 Summary    | IMP Memory usage
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 Priority   | 2. Medium
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jigermano at uolsinectis.com.ar (2005-01-27 19:36) wrote:

Yes. My patch was incomplete. The error message is because a constant is
passed as argument to a method which defines that argument must be passed by
reference. I did see one of the issues was corrected, though. this return

return ''.$large_string;

is gone now. 
The fatal error you're mentioning can be easily fixed like this:
$i->setContents("string constant');
should be changed to something like:
$i->setContents($dummy = 'string constant');

Moving on.
After reinstaling the framework with the patch I had posted applied I've got
the error about memory again. I will try to look into it.
Anyway: the patch I posted is not correct from a formal point of view:
::setContent() is a setter, so the argument shoud not be passed by
reference. But we know we are calling this with a 10Mb string. The solution
may be not be my patch (I don't like either, I was making changes trying to
find problems like the one corrected, end up finding part of the problem
comes from CORRECT programing). :(
Don't know how should it be fixed. But I think it is a problem that should
be addressed. Until it is fixed somehow I will continue to patch the sources
(altough I will try to find what I've lost with my overwriting of the
changes when reinstaling the framework, I will post once I have).
I have 300k clients with a mean of 3 email accounts each. Dimensioning for
that kind of numbers makes this kind of problems important :)

Thanks for the time you took checking this out, sorry for not posting a
complete patch. 


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