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Mon Mar 21 09:41:33 PST 2005


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 Ticket             | 1595
 Created By         | mike at distance.net
 Summary            | RRDTool Graph Options
 Queue              | Nic
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 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Enhancement
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mike at distance.net (2005-03-21 09:41) wrote:

Of course, I spend all last week working on it and have patches against what
I originally submitted, and I'm ready to submit and you go ahead and commit
it :)

I did a lot of work on what I originally had and actually fixed some
numbers.  It seems my math was way off when I originally calculated some
intervals!  If you're testing this, you'll need to re-create your graphs if
you used the default values as I think I had something crazy like keep 1 day
average for 31 days (for a monthly view) which makes no sense.

Another major thing is that I broke up the 'calc' option into 'text_calc'
and 'graph_calc' as I was seeing that there were a lot of times where
someone would want to manipulate the graph, but keep the text the same, or
vice versa.

The last "upgrade" is a history view link.  The graph in the subsystem
status is now a link that pulls up a default history of 12 hours, 24 hours,
1 week, 1 month, and 1 year.  Perhaps in the future this would be nice to
customize, but for now it works great.

In the near future, I'm going to add more options to the graph itself, such
as labels, etc. but who knows when that will be.  As it stands, this works
great and I really want to add it to the other devices, such as Apache, etc.
as the graphing options are so dynamic.


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