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Thu Apr 28 23:56:27 PDT 2005


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 Ticket             | 1866
 Updated By         | Michael Slusarz <slusarz at mail.curecanti.org>
 Summary            | "download all attachments" link display
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 Version            | HEAD
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 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Bug
 Owners             | Michael Slusarz

Michael Slusarz <slusarz at mail.curecanti.org> (2005-04-28 23:56) wrote:

Responding to your first paragraph: then what is an attachment?  What are
the rules for an attachment?  Why would, say, an image be considered an
attachment if it appears in a multipart/alternative part, and yet a text
part in a multipart/alternative is not?  In other words, what exactly is an
"attachment" to an average user?  Remember, whatever your definition is it
*has* to be coded somehow.  You can't do a "I can't define it but I'll know
it when I see it" (ala Justice Stewart in Jacobellis v. Ohio).

Responding to the second pargraph - there are serious technical limitations
to converting a MIME message->file download.  Your first example is handled
correctly -  the zip file contains the one part of the multipart/altenative
file that isn't seen.  The second example is handled correctly - the image
(which is completely separate from the HTML message) is the attachment and
appears in the zip file.  The third example is an example of a certain MIME
type (i.e. multipart/related) that simply can not be downloaded in a single
file since it is the joinder of two (or more) elements.  You can't see a
download on the message page because there *is* no image to download - the
multipart/related type instead requires all of its components to be viewed
together.  No single component is displayed separately.  However, when it
comes down to downloading all attachments, we made a choice that it would be
better to include these images (since the images may be the important part
of the message and is what the user wants to download) in the zip file since
they fit our definition of an attachment.

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