[Tickets #1900] NEW: Expand names dropping valid addresses in certain cases

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Mon May 2 15:16:56 PDT 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=1900
 Ticket             | 1900
 Created By         | kevin_myer at iu13.org
 Summary            | Expand names dropping valid addresses in certain cases
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.0.3
 State              | Unconfirmed
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Bug
 Owners             | 

kevin_myer at iu13.org (2005-05-02 15:16) wrote:

Probably exists in HEAD too, since the code for expanding names in 4.0.3 is
a MFH.  For our installation, address expansion is set to search our LDAP
directory server (name and email) and localsql (name and email).

The following general test case should trigger the bug:

1)  Compose a new message.
2)   In the To: field, enter three or more addresses.  Make sure that at
least two of the entries are unique enough so that they would return an
email address, and the third is ambigious
3)  Expand Names
4)  Select the ambigous address from the list

The bug is between steps three and four - essentially, one or more of the
good addresses is lost altogether.

For a specific example:

Compose message.  In To:, enter Unique Name1, Unique Name2, Ambigous.  Hit
Tab, to autoexpand (not strictly necessary but this is the process our users
are accustomed to).  Click the Expand Names icon.  Either Unique Name 1, or
Unique Name 2 will expand to an email address, but one of the unique names
will disappear.  The Ambigous name will generate a drop down of all

If in the above test case scenario, you use Unique Name1, Unique Name2,
Bogus-Name-that-matches-nothing, the resulting error message is somewhat
confusing.  Instead of returning a message that states "Please resolve
ambigious or invalid messages", if the # of matching addresses is zero,
return "No entries were found that match your search criteria" or something
to that effect.

As an aside, suppose I do the above, and end up with the one good address,
and a disappeared good address.  I also have a line with my
Bogus-Name-that-matches-nothing entry.  Suppose I see that I had a typo and
I change that line to be Good-Name-that-matches-something.  I want to
tab-auto-expand to expand that name.  I have to first click outside the
form, then back in the portion of the To: form where the previously bad
address was and then Tab works.  Do I need to do that to reset the tab
autoexpansion?  Is it a limitation of javascript/forms, or IMP bug?

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