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Thu May 5 09:14:28 PDT 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=1918
 Ticket             | 1918
 Created By         | liamr at umich.edu
 Summary            | DB Error: syntax error
 Queue              | Turba
 Version            | 2.0.2
 State              | Unconfirmed
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Bug
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liamr at umich.edu (2005-05-05 09:14) wrote:

I'm using mysql as a backend.  Here's an excerpt from sources.php

    'search' => array(
    'strict' => array(

I want people to be able to search by name, email or alias, but I want the
alias to be a strict search (allowing people to have entries like "dad" and
"stepdad" in their addressbook and have it find the right one).   So, after
I added "object_alias" to strict search, I get... 

May 05 12:07:14 HORDE [error] [turba] DB Error: syntax error: SELECT
object_id, owner_id, object_type, object_members, object_uid, object_name,
object_email, object_alias, object_homeaddress, object_workaddress,
object_homephone, object_workphone, object_cellphone, object_fax,
object_title, object_company, object_notes, object_pgppublickey,
object_smimepublickey, object_freebusyurl FROM turba_objects WHERE
(object_alias = 'dad' 0 owner_id = 'liamr' AND (object_name LIKE
LOWER('%dad%'))) [nativecode=1064 ** You have an error in your SQL syntax;
check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right
syntax to use near '0 owner_id = 'liamr' AND (object_name LIKE
LOWER('%dad%')))' at line 1] [on line 82 of

This is probably equally bug / feature request.. but basically, I'd like to
replicate PINE's addressbook behavior such that  if you type in an
unqualified address (eg "dad" ) it follows logic like this..
- look for entries where the nickname matches "dad" exactly
- look for entries where the full name contains "dad"
- add the default domain to the word and call it done ( "dad at example.com" )

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