[Tickets #2113] NEW: jpegs attached as multipart/appledouble do not display correctly

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Thu Jun 9 01:51:03 PDT 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=2113
 Ticket             | 2113
 Created By         | simon at widgit.com
 Summary            | jpegs attached as multipart/appledouble do not display correctly
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.0.3
 State              | Unconfirmed
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Bug
 Owners             | 
+New Attachment     | appledouble.txt

simon at widgit.com (2005-06-09 01:51) wrote:

Users on my horde installation are having trouble getting images from people
with macs...

Basically, what happens is that the attachment comes through as
multipart/appledouble and two messages are displayed underneath in the
attachment section.

The first says:
"This message contains a Macintosh file.
The Macintosh resource fork can be downloaded HERE.
The contents of the Macintosh file are below."

Clicking on 'HERE' downloads a file with the correct filename, but is way
too small and doesn't work.

Underneath, the following message is displayed:
"A large image named communicate by choice.jpg is attached to this message.
Click HERE to view a thumbnail of this image."

You can click 'HERE' to view the thumbnail. However, there is no option to
view the full-sized image. I've tried clicking on the 'zip' icon in the
header for the multipart/mimedouble section, but that just downloads the raw
mime section with base64 encoded attachments, as a text file.

There appears no way to get the full-sized image. (Apart from emailing the
sender and asking them to zip the file before sending it.)

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