[Tickets #2127] NEW: Provide alternative interface to view and use Free/Busy info

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Sat Jun 11 14:19:14 PDT 2005


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=2127
 Ticket             | 2127
 Created By         | kevin_myer at iu13.org
 Summary            | Provide alternative interface to view and use Free/Busy info
 Queue              | Kronolith
 Version            | HEAD
 State              | New
 Priority           | 2. Medium
 Type               | Enhancement
 Owners             | 

kevin_myer at iu13.org (2005-06-11 14:19) wrote:

Two items would help expand and simplify the use of Free/Busy info.

1)  Having a "lite" version of attendees.php, that if invoked outside the
context of a New Event, you could use to quickly look up when someone is
available (say, for example, looking to see if they're in the office or not,
if you want to stop by, but don't want to formally setup a meeting).  

2)  Having Free/Busy info drive meeting times.  Currently, the Free/Busy
info is a way for a user to see when others are available.  But it does not
recommend, for instance, the first available free time when all Required
Attendees are available.  I should be able to populate a form with attendees
and parameters for a meeting (date range, length of time) and have Kronolith
do the work and pick the first available time that meets my criteria.  Its
currently now a somewhat manual process:

New Event -> Edit Attendees [find a time that looks good, remember that
time] -> Manually set date and time on New Event, Save Event.

I'd like to see - Specify Attendees, Specify Date Range, Specify Meeting
Length [Kronolith searches] and, Confirm Save Event, if agreeable time is

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