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Thu Aug 4 03:50:24 PDT 2005


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 Ticket             | 2371
 Updated By         | m.zdila at episoftware.com
 Summary            | supporting contact lists in LDAP backend
 Queue              | Turba
 Version            | 2.0.3-RC1
 State              | Feedback
 Priority           | 2. Medium
 Type               | Enhancement
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+New Attachment     | Turba_LDAP_groupOfNames.patch

m.zdila at episoftware.com (2005-08-04 03:50) wrote:

Well, I don't see any better standard to store groups of contacts in LDAP.
Unfortunately I found no client fully supporting groupOfNames :-(. But those
clients I tested (outlook, mozilla*, evolution, kaddressbook) can't store /
read group of contacts (lists) into LDAP. Only Outlook can read groups, but
shows no members (there are several discussions about that on the internet
with no result).

> the change to Object.php is duplicative
this was patch against turba-h3-2.0.3-rc1

> and why the change to browse.php
because target can be of type PEAR_Error and then $target->isGroup() is
fatal. But anyway in Turba the error handling is implemented only

Anyway, in our case changes to Object.php and browse.php are not

> If all the changes were localized to the LDAP driver I'd feel better about

as you wish ... done

> What kinds of ids do other clients store in a groupOfNames object?
In groupOfNames can be stored any references. The syntax of every reference
must be valid DN.

> I'm guessing we couldn't store ids for non-LDAP contacts this way, which
we can do the current way.
No, you can't. But I don't know the current way. I found no sources.php
example using LDAP and contact lists.


I've prepared a new patch. The only modified file is ldap.php. In
sources.php one can indicate using of groupOfNames by setting
$params['use_groupOfNames'] = true;

Moreover $map must contain theese fields:
        '__key' => 'dn',
        '__type' => '__type',
        '__members' => '__members',
        'objectclass' => 'objectclass',
        'member' => 'member',
        'name' => 'cn',

If anyone has any more suggestions to this patch then please try to
implement it on your own or write a comment here :-)

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