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 Ticket             | 2739
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 Summary            | Attachment Preview Failure / Bug
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 Version            | 2.2.8
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 Priority           | 2. Medium
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david.bradley at trolleybus.net (2005-10-06 02:01) wrote:

I think I have submitted this issue to the wrong Queue Version but not sure
what to choose.  I find that my Horde version is:
:Last update:   $Date: 2005/08/04 07:19:01 
:Revision:      $Revision: 
Please forward this message to the appropriate place.

The problem/bug:
Using Horde, it has been noticed that there is an error in handling the
preview feature for attachments.  I attach a screen shot of the area of
Horde we are talking about here.[

-----Original Message-----
From: Compila Sales Department [mailto:sales at compila.com] 
Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2005 8:44 AM
To: david.bradley at trolleybus.net
Subject: [ #ABN-53813-468]: Attachment Preview Failure with Horde

Dear Mr Bradley

Horde, is a 3rd party system that is provided to us,
so that we can provide you with a free webmail
service. As you are no doubt aware, we currently
provide 3 webmail services.

We are not involved with the configuration, installation
or the programming of Horde, it comes automatically
installed with the cpanel software, so unfortunately
we are sorry but we are not able to changed any
configurations of the software.

If you notice any bugs in the software, please notify
Horde directly, so that they can add these to any fixes
they may need to carry out.

Horde can be found at the following URL;

The Support Team
Compila Limited


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