[Tickets #2305] RESOLVED: Problems with virtual folders

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Mon Nov 7 13:31:36 PST 2005


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 Ticket             | 2305
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 Summary            | Problems with virtual folders
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kevin_myer at iu13.org (2005-11-07 13:31) wrote:

> This looks like it has been resolved - namely that we are not going 
> through the overhead in the sidebar to display the requested data 
> because the punishment far exceeds the payment.

Except I'd say its better to display NO information about message counts in
the side bar, than it is to display inaccurate information.  I only use
Virtual Trash at home at this point, and I don't get very many messages, but
I do rely almost exclusively on the message counts in the side bar to notify
me of new mail, at least at this point.  And it still gets annoying if I
click on my INBOX because I think I have new mail, only to find none, and
then remember that its the unread messages in Virtual Trash.  Normal
end-users don't understand or care about the different parameters that
imap_search and imap_status take and I can see a number of support requests
coming in if we were to use Virtual Trash in production, about messages not
showing up.

How about a compromise that would leave the behavior the way it currently
is, if not using Virtual Trash.  But if using Virtual Trash, use imap_search
instead, so numbers are accurate.

Do you have any benchmarks for the amount of overhead that imap_search adds,
vs. using imap_status, to get # of messages, unseen, and new messages?

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