[Tickets #3007] Default for LDAP version should be 3

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Mon Nov 21 12:25:11 PST 2005


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 Ticket             | 3007
 Updated By         | kevin_myer at iu13.org
 Summary            | Default for LDAP version should be 3
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 State              | Feedback
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Enhancement
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kevin_myer at iu13.org (2005-11-21 12:25) wrote:

> No idea, but there are probably a lot more places in Horde and it's 
> apps where we set the protocol version. Please upload a patch for all 
> of them (in one file).

I was just looking to clean up the conf.xml file, which has two LDAP config
items defaulting to version 3 and two LDAP config items defaulting to
version 2, with a goal of making the defaults be internally consistent.

Auth, Prefs, and Groups, and the Account Block all have code to set the
version to $conf['foo']['params']['version'].  Ingo and Turba both have
config files (backends.php, sources.php) that default to 3 and the driver
code checks to see what version is specified in the respective config file. 
So I'm not sure what else you need for this.

And then my question is if no one is using LDAP version 2 anymore, should it
go beyond just stating that its deprectated but actually remove it as an
option?  Although there's probably someone out there chugging along with an
ancient directory server that it would break things for...

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