[Tickets #3004] RESOLVED: hierarchical folder structure in portal view

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Tue Nov 22 18:23:35 PST 2005


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 Ticket             | 3004
 Updated By         | Michael Slusarz <slusarz at mail.curecanti.org>
 Summary            | hierarchical folder structure in portal view
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at mail.curecanti.org> (2005-11-22 18:23) wrote:

This was mentioned in Bug 2422 as a "quick suggestion", but only for people
who want to code this on their local server.  As discussed in that Bug, the
current (new) way of displaying mailboxes is the decision we have made and
providing preferences to allow "old" behavior are not going to be accepted.

As explained previously, the simple fact is users should *not* be expected
to understand the concept of namespaces.

Additionally, if you read the RFCs, it is *not* correct to put the default
namespace under 'INBOX', even if the default namespace is 'INBOX.'    This
is because 'INBOX' must ALWAYS appear in the default namespace; obviously,
INBOX can not be a subfolder of itself - it must be at the same level as the
other mailboxes in the default namespace.  People need to understand that
the namespace name (e.g. 'INBOX', '#shared', etc.) are not mailbox names in
and of themselves.  Rather, they are simply internal labels used to delimit
between the various namespaces (labels != mailboxes)

Since several people have disagreed with our interpretation, these patches
might be a good thing for the wiki - feel free to create a page there. 
However, they are not going to be implemented into the code.

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