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Tue Dec 27 10:03:08 PST 2005


Ticket URL: https://dev.horde.org/horde/whups/ticket/?id=855
 Ticket             | 855
 Updated By         | Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
 Summary            | default first listing in the Browse
 Queue              | Turba
 Version            | HEAD
 State              | Accepted
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Enhancement
 Owners             | 

Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org> (2005-12-27 10:03) wrote:

>> What was the reason for the (composite) name field initially?
> I don't really remember, but my opinion now is that while seperating 
> the name field makes some things easier, it also implies that the 
> application knows what a name looks like in a way that's not always 
> going to be right - makes putting in an entry for a company more 
> awkward, for instance.

Why? We could still use the user preference to display (aggregated) name
fields, or only show them as separate columns. Company names are no problem
either, because any sane user would put them completely into the last name
field anyway if he has separate fields.

> If it's doable and not too confusing, I'd like to see us go to a 
> model where you can only sort by last name if last name is a seperate 
> field.

The same is true for first name sorting then, because we don't know which
format the name fields have. We could only sort for name then, whatever that

> That way it can be fast for everyone and there's the option to 
> have the composite name field for those who want it, without the 
> baggage of trying to treat it as anything other than a string.

That would be the cleanest solution, but I bet that people who rely on the
name format preference won't like it.

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