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 Ticket             | 3381
 Updated By         | jmorzins at mit.edu
 Summary            | "forward" handles text/alternative wrongly
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.0.3
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 Priority           | 3. High
 Type               | Enhancement
 Owners             | Michael Slusarz

jmorzins at mit.edu (2006-02-03 13:02) wrote:

> I have implemented 
> (sort of) #2 with the addition that we still put the text of the 
> first viewable text part into the message body window. 


Thanks for looking at this!

I have one fear about your proposed solution: is the text that you put in
the message body window editable?  Please make that text not editable!  If
the text is editable, then two version of the text will still be sent -- the
edited text (in the message body), plus the original text (in the
attachment).  My goal is to make sure that only one version of text is

If you'd like to compare to another mail program, I can say how the Pine
mail reader does it:
1. By default, forward only the text/plain part.  During the sending
process, insert the text/plain into the editing buffer, so that the user can
edit it.
2. If the user choose an optional forwarding command, pine will attach the
forwarded message as a message/rfc822 attachment, and will not let the user
edit the text of the attachment.  (The user can still type a preamble, that
will be put in to the first part of the message, before the attachment.)

This algorithm simplifies down to something like:
1. If the user edits the text of the forwarded message, make sure that ONLY
that text is sent, and that no other text from the original message is sent.
 Send only the edited text.
2. If the user user does not edit the text of the forwarded message, then it
is safe to forward anything that was in the original message.

Thank you,

 -Jacob Morzinski

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