[Tickets #3515] RESOLVED: Firewall cuts off all connections

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bjoern at bjoern-mehlhorn.de (2006-03-15 14:49) wrote:

Hi Chuck,
> There is a simple configuration option to allow user IP addresses to 
> change.
Thank you for your answer. That would help. My webadmin at the universtiy
said, that the registered name does not change - only the machine, which
connects between intranet and internet. And HORDE seems not to watch the
registered name of the domain, but it watches the machine, which interacts
with the net. So this machine changes very often in the session.

> If your provider is incapable of changing it, find a new 
> provider.
He wants to change the option - but he does not find. Can you - easily tell
him, where the option can be changed? In which submenu can this parameter be
changed? I think, he uses the german translation - so the full english name
of the menu/submenu/sub-sub-menu/option will help him to find it in the
german translation.

I don´t want to find another provider, because i am not so familiar with
the net and the technic - so every change of a whole domain to another
provider is a very tricky thing for me.

Chuck - thanks in advance for all!

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