[Tickets #3759] NEW: Show/Hide/Purge links missing

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Tue Apr 11 05:29:08 PDT 2006


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3759
 Ticket             | 3759
 Created By         | tuomas.silen at nodeta.fi
 Summary            | Show/Hide/Purge links missing
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.1
 State              | Unconfirmed
 Priority           | 1. Low
 Type               | Bug
 Owners             | 

tuomas.silen at nodeta.fi (2006-04-11 05:29) wrote:

Right after logging in there are no show/hide deleted links even if you
have emails marked as deleted in your INBOX, if you had hide deleted enabled
before upgrading to 4.x you don't have any links at all to show or purge the
deleted messages.
(No threaded view, use_trash or use_vtrash are enabled).

This would seem to be because showDeleteLinks() (in lib/Mailbox.php) checks
if $GLOBALS['imp_search']->isVINBOXFolder() returns false, but it never does
at this point.

This is because in isVINBOXFolder() (in lib/Search.php) $this->_id is null,
because no searches are made and also 
$GLOBALS['prefs']->getValue('vinbox_id') is empty.
(null == "") is true so this function returns true even for normal

Because _showdelete won't be set if hide deleted is used, no links at all to
either show deleted or purge deleted are shown. If no hide deleted was
enabled then only purge deleted link is shown.

In the newest CVS whole showDeletedLinks is removed, but there is no
corresponding change to mailbox.php yet to accommondate this. So the problem
with the links will probably be solved. The problem with isVINBOXFolder()
might, however, affect some other places too. 

If I go to search page and just search for all emails in INBOX, then the
links are shown as $this->_id won't be null.

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