[Tickets #4440] RESOLVED: Horde setup screens do not edit virtual host config file

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Mon Sep 25 09:27:59 PDT 2006


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=4440
 Ticket             | 4440
 Updated By         | lists-horde at carlthompson.net
 Summary            | Horde setup screens do not edit virtual host config file
 Queue              | Horde Base
 Version            | HEAD
 Type               | Bug
 State              | Not A Bug
 Priority           | 2. Medium
 Owners             | Jan Schneider

lists-horde at carlthompson.net (2006-09-25 09:27) wrote:

That doesn't make as much sense to me. Why should the admin have to worry
about maintaining manual diffs to the config files when the setup screens
could easily do it for him/her? Also that makes the assumption that the
admin wants any changes made to the default configuration reflected in the
configuration for all domains. There is no reason to make that assumption.

Also, consider this scenerio: The admin maintains multiple domains on one
Horde installation. He/she wants to test out the effects of a config
change on one test domain only. Using your approach, there's no way to do
that without manually editing config files. He/she has to manually parse
the XML file and figure out what variable he/she needs to set and what
data types it takes. I actually experienced that hassle myself which is
why I created the bug report. With my approach, the admin just logs in
under the test domain and makes the changes using the setup screens and
only that domain is modified (if there is already a domain specific config
file). To me that's much more more convenient.

What are the advantages of your approach?

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