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 Ticket             | 4646
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 Summary            | Spam filter interface resets spam score
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | FRAMEWORK_3
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beamer at denison.edu (2006-11-13 06:49) wrote:

> I have no idea what you're talking about. And you are probably are 
> talking about Ingo, not IMP?!

I thought it was IMP because is was the user interface, but it could be
ingo.  I have included some screen shot below.  Following steps reproduce
the problem:

Click on Filters
Click on Spam
Set your spam level  (for example it to 3)
Set your spm folder
Click save  - you get messages indicating the Changes were saved and the
script activated.
Logout of IMP

Log back into IMP
Click on Filters
Click on either the Spam filter rule or Spam icon
You can see the defaults are again displayed in the window not the
previous settings.
If you click on Script to see what is actually running on the server, the
current script is ready to set everything back to the defaults.  However,
the active script has not changed and is still set with the levels first
set above.

Note that if you make a change to one of the other filters (not the spam
filters), the defaults are put back active.

I hope this helps.  If it is ingo, do I need to file another bug report
under that project or will this bug report be moved over?

Terri Beamer
Denison University

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