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Wed Nov 15 23:58:50 PST 2006


Ticket URL: https://dev.horde.org/horde/whups/ticket/?id=4590
 Ticket             | 4590
 Updated By         | s.newslists at googlemail.com
 Summary            | Bind TO addresses to a certain identity
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.1.3
 Type               | Enhancement
 State              | Rejected
 Priority           | 2. Medium
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s.newslists at googlemail.com (2006-11-15 23:58) wrote:

> I'm not sure it's a good idea to add yet another set of addresses to 
> the identities for such a rarely requested features. Though I can see 
> some use for it. But how should it work if you send messages to more 
> than one address, maybe with conflicting bound identities?

Hmm, perhaps people only don`t request it because they dont know this
greate feauture from other Email clients! I love it when i dont must think
of "from what address do i usual write to this person?". 
I have one address which is for everyone and others which are for special
persons. The ones with special person i bind and all Emails to other come
from my general address. In my opinion is this a greate future to manage
more accounts with one client.

Kmail has a light version in the moment. There you can set from addresses
for special folders. This means: If i am in folder xyz and make "new
message" the from xyz is taken.

How do you make it if the mail goes to more addresses? I think it is clear
that if not to all addresses the same from address is bind, the general
address is taken.

By the way i think it should also be possible to set for example
"*@googlemail.com" as bind address which is not possible in the moment 
for the "bind addresses".

The point why the "bind addresses", which are used in the moment, have an
other meaning i dont really understand? In my opinion "bind and address to
an other address" means that if i write a mail to this address this
identity is taken because i have bind it to this address... No matter if i
make a new mail or if i answer (i hope this field is not bad translated to
german because in my IMP stands: "Adressen, die an diese Identität
gebunden sind" and this means for me: bind the identity to...)

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