[Tickets #5006] Re: postgresql 8.2.1: Errormessage "IN types character varying and integer cannot be matched"

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Tue Feb 20 12:21:17 PST 2007


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 Ticket             | 5006
 Updated By         | mussi at snoop.alphanet.ch
 Summary            | postgresql 8.2.1: Errormessage "IN types character varying and integer
                    | cannot be matched"
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 Version            | HEAD
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mussi at snoop.alphanet.ch (2007-02-20 12:21) wrote:

> Are you sure you are using latest HEAD code? The line that you patch 
> is responsible for a completely different SQL statement, and the code 
> that produces the statement that causes your error is already putting 
> quotes around the values.

I am VERY sure.

I just removed the escaped-quotes construct mentioned in the tiff, did a
reload of the horde site, clicked one on "Organizing", once on
"Bookbarks", and clicked once onto the "Browse" in the tob bar button to
browse my bookmarks and got the following error message:

Feb 20 21:16:12 HORDE [error] [trean] DB Error: unknown error: SELECT
c.datatree_id, c.datatree_name FROM horde_datatree c LEFT JOIN
horde_datatree_attributes a1 ON a1.datatree_id = c.datatree_id LEFT JOIN
horde_datatree_attributes a2 ON a2.datatree_id = c.datatree_id WHERE
c.group_uid = 'horde.shares.trean' AND (a1.attribute_name = 'perm_groups'
AND a1.attribute_key IN (425, 421, 423) AND CASE WHEN
CAST(a1.attribute_value AS VARCHAR) ~ '^-?[0-9]+$' THEN
(CAST(a1.attribute_value AS INTEGER) & 4) <> 0 ELSE FALSE END)  AND
a2.attribute_name = 'name'  GROUP BY c.datatree_id, c.datatree_name,
c.datatree_order, a2.attribute_value ORDER BY a2.attribute_value ASC
[nativecode=ERROR:  IN types character varying and integer cannot be
matched] [on line 1196 of "/usr/share/pear/Horde/DataTree/sql.php"]

When I put the quotes back in, it works. Coincidence?

The version string of sql.php of the DataTree package reads:

$Horde: framework/DataTree/DataTree/sql.php,v 1.225 2007/01/26 05:50:34
chuck Exp $

I got it from snaps.horde.org which should be good enough for our

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