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Wed Mar 7 17:28:09 UTC 2007


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 Ticket             | 4938
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 Summary            | Sponsored bounty for timed vacation messages
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x3n at molinier.eu (2007-03-07 09:28) wrote:

I'm working for few days now an a more generic CRON fuction for Horde.
Actually I'm about to provide a cron backend that can run tasks on
schedule. A script must be called by the CRON, and then a kind of internal
cron system is running to get tasks that must be executed.

Up to now, I'have focused my efforts on making the backend working. There
is a class to can add/store/delete a job (thanks to the datatree system).
And the other side, there is a script that checks all tasks and executes
those that need to be.

I'm planning to implement pretty soon, the first real application with
Ingo. Vacation is a godd idea, but I was thinking enabling this
functionnality for each rule, because, it's can be nice to redirect your
office-mail on your home-mail by the evening, or the week-end. You can
also change your spam filtering configuration during day and the night.

I think that implementing a generic CRON backend will be much more usefull
than simply answering your bounty. I'm thinking about imp and it's
maintenance tasks that could executed automatically... The main problem
for all this is the authentication... I'm not be sur being able to handle
this problem in all cases (authencation with third app w/o Admin password,
for example...)

Best regards

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