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ned at itotrading.ca (2007-03-30 06:23) wrote:

Hi Jan,

Thanks for replying to my bug post.  Below are 3 problems that still

1) Here is what displays when I use Shift_JIS:

	116 	フレ, 3キ・29, 2007 
	伊東敏秀  	サンプル

Do you see, before the "3" and after the "3"?  Those characters are WRONG.
 (Characters for date and time do not display properly with Shift_JIS.)

But when I switch to EUC-JP I get this:

116 	木, 3月 29, 2007 

The date is displayed correctly (the character for tree, or Thursday, is
before the 3, and the character for moon or month is after the 3.)  But
please notice, the sender's name and the email subject don't display

Also, in EUC-JP, the Horde menus are displayed as question marks.

In UTF-8, none of the characters display properly.  It gives this:

116 	��, 3�� 29, 2007 

2) When we write an email from Horde's webmail interface, Japanese in the
body will be sent correctly, but Japanese in the subject title is not
displayed correctly.  I will send an email to you from Horde's webmail
interface to show you this problem.

3) The Horde sidebar disappears (even when activated) when the language
setting is set to Japanese.

I would appreciate if you could take a look at these issues for us once


- Ned Milburn.

> You are right, different charsets can't be displayed at the same 
> time. Thus we either use UTF-8 as the interface charset, if your 
> system supports it, or try to convert to the interface's charset, 
> which is Shift-JIS for Japanese. EUC-JP and ISO-2022-JP charsets 
> should convert fine to Shift-JIS as long as you have the mbstring and 
> iconv PHP extensions installed.

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