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ned at itotrading.ca (2007-03-30 06:38) wrote:

Hi again, Jan.

It seems like Horde's bug tracking system can't handle Japanese text,
either.  (Refer to my previous post.  All Japanese text is displayed

It is probably a good thing that I sent the same information by email to

Here is another Japanese text test below:


- Ned.

> Hi Jan,
> Thanks for replying to my bug post.  Below are 3 problems that still
> 1) Here is what displays when I use Shift_JIS:
> 	116 	フレ, 3キ・29, 2007  
> 	伊東敏秀  	サンプル
> Do you see, before the "3" and after the "3"?  Those characters are 
> WRONG.  (Characters for date and time do not display properly with 
> Shift_JIS.)
> But when I switch to EUC-JP I get this:
> 116 	木, 3月 29, 2007  
> 	����q�/a>  
> 	�T���v��
> The date is displayed correctly (the character for tree, or Thursday, 
> is before the 3, and the character for moon or month is after the 3.) 
>  But please notice, the sender's name and the email subject don't 
> display properly.
> Also, in EUC-JP, the Horde menus are displayed as question marks.
> In UTF-8, none of the characters display properly.  It gives this:
> 116 	��, 3�� 29, 2007  
> 	�ɓ��q�G  
> 	�T���v��
> 2) When we write an email from Horde's webmail interface, Japanese in 
> the body will be sent correctly, but Japanese in the subject title is 
> not displayed correctly.  I will send an email to you from Horde's 
> webmail interface to show you this problem.
> 3) The Horde sidebar disappears (even when activated) when the 
> language setting is set to Japanese.
> I would appreciate if you could take a look at these issues for us 
> once again.
> Thanks.
> - Ned Milburn.
>> You are right, different charsets can't be displayed at the same
>> time. Thus we either use UTF-8 as the interface charset, if your
>> system supports it, or try to convert to the interface's charset,
>> which is Shift-JIS for Japanese. EUC-JP and ISO-2022-JP charsets
>> should convert fine to Shift-JIS as long as you have the mbstring and
>> iconv PHP extensions installed.

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