[Tickets #3032] Re: WebDAV / iCal support for Kronolith

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Sat Mar 31 14:34:46 UTC 2007


Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=3032
 Ticket             | 3032
 Updated By         | steve at stjams.com
 Summary            | WebDAV / iCal support for Kronolith
 Queue              | Kronolith
 Version            | HEAD
 Type               | Enhancement
 State              | Assigned
 Priority           | 2. Medium
 Owners             | Horde Developers, Jan Schneider

steve at stjams.com (2007-03-31 07:34) wrote:

I have a simular situation. This function is really important to me. I am
forced to run Thunderbird and Lightning is provides the ability to accept
.ics meeting requests which then are added to Lightning. However, I have
no way to MLSync my Treo Palm 700P. Horde / Kronolith provides this

I have been searching to any documentation that would discribe how to
setup Horde and Kronolith to be able to do this is. I have setup using CVS
FRAMEWORK_3 branch and trying to apply these patches but the patches only
partially succeed. I have set up CVS HEAD and thought from what I have
been able to find to read that these functions have been added to HEAD. I
am interested in understanding whether or not the patches are supposed to
be applied to HEAD or not. Look in the patches it does not appear that the
patches support the CVS HEAD.

I would be happy to do a detail document if someone would be able to
initially guide through.

Thanks for all of the efforts being put in to this project.


>> Finally committed, thanks a lot.
> Maybe I don't understand CVS (I use SVN for all my projects), but I 
> can't seem to find these patches in CVS.  For that matter, I can't 
> find the 'webdav.php' I've seen mentioned as a basis for DAV ops in 
> Horde.  I just did a 'cvs co -r HEAD' on horde, kronolith, framework, 
> etc.
> Do you have a separate repository where this has been committed?  
> We're evaluation Horde vs. Zimbra, and I prefer Horde, but we really 
> need remote (iCal or DAV) calendaring working.

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