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Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org> (2007-05-03 14:25) wrote:

I've been looking in to this with high hopes but unfortunately limited
success. :)

Seems like now that I have TreanMarks installed and configured, every time
I launch Firefox, this shows up in my error log:

Error: Warning: unrecognized command line flag -psn_0_9699329

Source File:
Line: 655

I honestly have no clue where that's coming from, but it's definitely
related. The TreanMarks menu never gets past "Loading ..."

I'm attaching a 32x32 Trean icon (straight from the Tango icons).

Other comments:

- I'm a bit iffy on the separate menu. But if this is how other bookmarks
extensions work I guess that's fine. It's certainly easier to let the main
Bookmarks menu alone.

- For other ways to do it than xmlrpc struts, it depends what you want to
work with on the browser side. We have the beginnings of RSS/Atom feeds
for Trean; if this extension could use that data that would definitely
simplify things. Another possibility is to use json instead of xml-rpc;
that data could be requested directly from Trean and would be much smaller
than XML. And could just be eval'd (after stripping a necessary security
delimiter) on the javascript side.

- Can we have a configuration menu item right in the TreanMarks menu?

- What do you think about calling the menu item "Horde" so that perhaps in
the future it could host other Horde features? Or should we keep things
separated into other extensions?

Btw, I'm using FF 2.0 - not sure if versions are an issue here.

I'm excited again about this - hope to get some updates from you soon.

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