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joey at joeyhewitt.com (2007-05-03 15:10) wrote:

> I've been looking in to this with high hopes but unfortunately 
> limited success. :)
> Seems like now that I have TreanMarks installed and configured, every 
> time I launch Firefox, this shows up in my error log:
> Error: Warning: unrecognized command line flag -psn_0_9699329
> Source File: 
> Line: 655

I hope something didn't permanently break for you. :/  I have no idea
where that came from, either.  I see where it gets logged in the source,
but I don't know why my extension could cause a command line flag to be
passed.  I'll look into it.  It looks like you're using Mac.  I have
Windows, but it shouldn't matter with platform-independent code...

> I honestly have no clue where that's coming from, but it's definitely 
> related. The TreanMarks menu never gets past "Loading ..."
> I'm attaching a 32x32 Trean icon (straight from the Tango icons).

Thanks!  I'll incorporate it next time I update.

> Other comments:
> - I'm a bit iffy on the separate menu. But if this is how other 
> bookmarks extensions work I guess that's fine. It's certainly easier 
> to let the main Bookmarks menu alone.

Yes, all of the other extensions I've seen make a separate menu.  (Shame
that there's no simple way to make a bookmarks backend.)  But I think it
would be possible to add the bookmarks onto the main bookmark menu, either
directly or in a submenu labeled Trean/Horde or whatever.  I want to do
this, but just haven't yet.

> - For other ways to do it than xmlrpc struts, it depends what you 
> want to work with on the browser side. We have the beginnings of 
> RSS/Atom feeds for Trean; if this extension could use that data that 
> would definitely simplify things. Another possibility is to use json 
> instead of xml-rpc; that data could be requested directly from Trean 
> and would be much smaller than XML. And could just be eval'd (after 
> stripping a necessary security delimiter) on the javascript side.

Yeah, I thought about json afterwards.  Perhaps that would be much more
efficient and simple.  It might also make sense to leverage the existing
RSS stuff, yeah.  My only problem is wondering if it makes sense to have
separate download/upload mechanisms.  (Though I think RSS or Atom has a
publication mechanism as well, which could be used for uploading.)  I
should also note that the synchronization is pretty primitive right now -
limited to simply the existence of bookmarks; it doesn't sync changes to
URL and such.  Perhaps another protocol would better address more complete
synchronization.  What do you think?

> - Can we have a configuration menu item right in the TreanMarks menu?

I actually consciously decided against this to cut down on clutter at the
top of the menu.  But I think you're right that it belongs there.  :-)

> - What do you think about calling the menu item "Horde" so that 
> perhaps in the future it could host other Horde features? Or should 
> we keep things separated into other extensions?

Renaming it sounds fine, but I'm wondering if the menu would become too
confusing if other features were integrated.

> Btw, I'm using FF 2.0 - not sure if versions are an issue here.
> I'm excited again about this - hope to get some updates from you 
> soon. Thanks!

> One other question - the extension seems to have a persistent cache of
> credentials to log in to Horde. How is this handled?

It's stored in the Password Manager (Tools -> Options -> Security -> Show
passwords), with a site of "treanmarksExtension."  I stole the idea from
another online bookmarks extension. :-)

> Last note for now - I committed several parts of your patch that made
> independently (at least, enough sense).

OK.  I hope they're still useful if the bookmark transfer mechanism is
switched. :-)

I'm fairly busy at the moment, but I'm hoping next week I can work on
these things more.  In the meantime, I would appreciate peoples' comments
on RSS/JSON and perhaps the UI issues.

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