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Fri May 4 11:06:28 UTC 2007


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 Ticket             | 5330
 Created By         | Alastair.Brown at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
 Summary            | Kronolith as a Resource Booking System
 Queue              | Kronolith
 Version            | HEAD
 Type               | Enhancement
 State              | New
 Priority           | 1. Low
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Alastair.Brown at hgu.mrc.ac.uk (2007-05-04 04:06) wrote:

It seems to me that Kronolith has all the features necessary to be used as
a resource booking system for e.g. meeting rooms, microscopes, etc. I have
set up a test calendar assigning each of our meeting rooms to a category,
then share the calendar for everyone to see when rooms are free/booked.
The only problem is that the categories (e.g. Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room
2, Seminar Room, etc.) are not shown in text format on each "event" on
screen. I can distinguish categories by my colour set up, but other users
who see the shared calendar would have to set up the same categories and
assign colours, which is not practical with many users (printing the
calendar can lose colour information anyway). Alternatively, the meeting
room name has to be entered as the "Title" of the event, but it would be
much easier to select from a drop-down list of categories. Could display
of the category name for each event be made an option on a per-calendar
basis? The "Title" of each event could then be the name of the person who
has booked the resource or whatever. I think that would solve the

BTW, I tried setting up a separate calendar for each room, but then it is
difficult to compare the availabiltiy of all rooms at one glance, without
having to switch on a number of calendars (and possibly switch off others
to avoid an overly cluttered display).

And thanks for a great system - it is much appreciated here at the Medical
Research Council Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh.

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