[Tickets #5098] Re: Login language selection doesn't stick with LDAP auth

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Mon May 7 15:08:15 UTC 2007


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 Ticket             | 5098
 Updated By         | kristian.lance at crc.ca
 Summary            | Login language selection doesn't stick with LDAP auth
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 Version            | 3.0.2
 Type               | Bug
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kristian.lance at crc.ca (2007-05-07 08:08) wrote:

What I'm getting at here is that LDAP doesn't seem to be the problem.  It
doesn't matter if I use LDAP or SQL auth in Horde, only the "Last login"
message is in French and everything else is in English.  If I add
?new_lang=fr_FR to the query_string then everything is translated
perfectly for the remainder of my session until I log out.

When I said I switched from LDAP to IMAP authentication, what I actually
did was switch Horde's authentication to "IMP".  The fact that this worked
perfectly in French and English leads me to believe that the ?new_lang
variable isn't being passed from Horde's login page to the
session/frameset, but when IMP is used for authentication, it is.

Here's another screenshot, this time with ?new_lang=fr_FR added to the
query string.

Please don't tell me you can't reproduce this.  I've done it about 200
times now with at least a dozen configurations from barebone up, with
exactly the same results.  This time I installed only Horde, but when IMP
etc. are installed, their French strings aren't translated either until
either I add ?new_lang=fr_FR to the query string or use IMP for Horde

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