[Tickets #5719] Re: IMP not storing sent mail and cannot make folders

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Thu Nov 1 23:31:20 UTC 2007


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 Ticket             | 5719
 Updated By         | testacc at xs4all.nl
 Summary            | IMP not storing sent mail and cannot make folders
 Queue              | IMP
 Version            | 4.2-ALPHA
 Type               | Bug
 State              | Not A Bug
 Priority           | 1. Low
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testacc at xs4all.nl (2007-11-01 16:31) wrote:

After doing some tests, this must be a bug in IMP ALPHA.

I can remove a folder without any problems, after adding it using

When I want to rename a folder I get in the "rename screen"
INBOX.foldername. When I change this INBOX.foldername to INBOX.foldername2
"foldername2" disappears from the folder list in IMP and is still with the
same rights at the mailserver and in courierimapsubscribed.

Renaming a folder without the "INBOX." part, does give me "Invalid Mailbox

I thought I never had to add INBOX. in front of the foldername before.

When I go to the "Server and Folder information" under IMP and I de-select
"Use IMAP folder subscriptions?" all folders disappear under the Folders,
and when I enable this "Use IMAP folder subscriptions?" again, they are
still gone. (in DIMP they show up)

I know when I remove some lines about this in the horde.sessions DB, this
can be shown again.

When I add a new folder I still get the message:

"Can not directly create mailbox in this folder."

When I want to create a folder with a name of a folder that already
exists, I also get:

"Can not directly create mailbox in this folder."

So this is really strange that I get this message when the folder already
exists, in some way it never gets to the "exist-check" function I guess.

If I remember more about the tests I have done I will add them ofcourse !

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