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 Ticket             | 5872
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 Summary            | unified scroll bars
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Michael Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org> (2007-12-22 02:01) wrote:

> Have you checked any of the full-page continuous scrolling 
> implementations to see how they deal with this?

None of them deal with this.  They will trigger multiple parallel
requests.  For example, Yahoo Mail does this, but apparently the reasoning
at yahoo is we don't care - we can just throw scores of CPU/IMAP power at
the server level 

> Can't we do a timeout 
> to see if the scroll position has changed (sorry if this is well past 
> the point of what's been tried).

This is what we previously did, but position change is irrelevant.  We
don't want to load a slice until the user releases the mouse button (or
else you can generate a bunch (easily 10+) parallel requests - and since
they are all blocking at the server level, the result is that the final
message slice may take 30+ seconds to load - completely unacceptable.

> I do agree that the difference between the two scrollbars isn't 
> great. I don't mind the message list one as much as Jan, but I 
> probably haven't used it as much either. The browser's widgets will 
> always be preferable for consistency, but internal consistency is 
> probably second best.

As mentioned previously, my plan is to spruce up the scroll bar
graphically to make it look nicer (and also add arrow navigation at the top
and bottom).  But as usual, any help with graphic design elements would be
gratefully welcomed since I have no skills there.

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