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Ticket URL: http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/?id=4928
 Ticket             | 4928
 Updated By         | php at ideacode.com
 Summary            | Combine "Tickets which are" and "Type" selects in Search form
 Queue              | Whups
 Type               | Enhancement
 State              | Feedback
 Priority           | 1. Low
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php at ideacode.com (2007-12-29 20:44) wrote:

>> I will provide a unified diff.
> Great, thank you.

Unified diff attached.

>> Before doing so, I'd like to finish the changes.  My question is: how
>> can I render a table of multienums in a single row?
> You're going to need to write a custom form renderer. It doesn't have 
> to be fancy, just override creation of a separate table row for each 
> input. (I'll get into more detail if you need, but there are some 
> around in whups - queries - and other apps.)

I never figured out how to write the custom form renderer (owing to having
essentially zero free time), so I didn't take this beyond the screen shot
you see attached to this ticket.  I've also not bulletproofed this code, as
I got it to the level of "good enough" for us.  It seems to work fine,

> I wasn't able to entirely follow the diff since it wasn't against 
> HEAD, but yeah, that's likely fine. Feel free to add those unit 
> tests. :)

It's been a while since I've looked at this code, but let me give it an
explanatory whirl.  I modified three files: 1 in Horde proper
(Horde/Form.php) and 2 in Whups (search.php & Forms/Search.php).

In Horde, the change was simply to add a utility method named
Horde_Form_Type::getValues() to recover the (presumably) private $_values
member variable.  Call me OO-obsessive.

In Whups Forms/Search.php, I changed the queue selection from drop-down
("enum") to a multi-drop-down ("multi-enum"), and I added a message
declaring what would happen if you didn't select any of the multi-enum
values (this was for usability's sake).  I then needed to remove the
"Tickets which are" and "Types" variables and replace them with a loop over
all ticket types, adding multi-enum variables for each ticket type.

In Whups search.php, I made the biggest changes.  These were largely
cleanup operations, to aid in my development as I waded through the code:
1. The code to determine the URL needed to re-run the query was moved in
to a function named getSearchReplayURL().
2. The code to save a search (if logged in) was simplified by using a
helper method called getNameForCriterion(): this method takes a criterion
name (such as "queue", "summary", etc), inspects the submitted values, and
then returns a human-understandable string describing the submitted values.
 Owing to the changes mentioned in Ticket 4897, this may no longer be
3. The code to "munge a query into acceptability" was moved into a method
called mungeInfo().

These should be relatively easy to patch into HEAD.  Let me know if you
need more details.  Thanks!

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